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My Vivi Ornitier cosplay from Final Fantasy IX 
Little shota kitty needs a hug…♡
fleurnymph :  i just found your blog and omg! you're so pretty!!!! sorry i just had to tell you, love your blog and super jealous of your face :o

Oh, my, my~ Thank you so much for such a sweet message! I really appreciate it. It made me smile a lot. ♡ 

(๑•́ ω •̀๑)

“My excellence frightens even me.”

Cosplay by Kaiyakkuma

Meeeh. I’m ill right now. And my mind is totally somewhere out. So I’ve decided to draw smth, which requires no brain at all.
Anyway - I’m terrible at drawing portraits and girls, so practice is re-e-eally needed.

Goodness gracious, Terra looks like a precious angel…!