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Cosplayer: Kaiyakkuma
Photography: KJH-Photography

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Ahhh, thank youuuu~! ; u ;
These are my favorite pair of shoes. You can get them here. ♡
[ MOLLO 101 ]

I’m about to post and share a lot of things very soon, because I’m happy. Okay? Okay. 

first thought “wow is that steel thong gonna hurt.”
Ha ha ha! Ohh, nooo. There is no way I am going to make that dreadful thong out of steel. > u < Making Kuja’s cod piece is going to be interesting, though.
I need to practice the hair flip&#8230; 
ppl will be all over you omg…ripping guys and girls off you like whoa, its luke pick n flick. All you have to do now is make it! in time ^.^
Ha ha ha! I will be ready for that. *fighting stance* Yes, I will definitely finish Kuja and Eiko in time, because I’m not making them within a week before the convention. XD Thank you, Shocktress.